Ministry of Education
Department of Higher Education

Education System in Myanmar : Self-Evaluation and Future Plans

U Zaw Htay
Director General
Department of Higher Education
(Lower Myanmar)


Education plays a pivotal role in the development of a nation. Thus if a country seeks means and ways to develop, it needs an education system that can bring about quality education. Attaining quality education requires collective efforts of the Government, the Ministry of Education and expertise from all spheres of sciences, and above all, a sound education policy that helps nurture talented human resources who can steadfastly help build their nation into a developed one. Aiming to develop such an education system, this paper deals with a review of the existing education system, the future plans of the Ministry of Education, the approaches proposed and collaboration of researchers and stakeholders and tasks to be carried out. When reviewing the present education system, it is realized that there are strengths as well as shortcomings. An education system can be developed by laying down an education policy that reinforces the strengths already acquired and avoids the pitfalls in the past. This paper highlights a promising education system that will build up quality education, transform Research & Development into Research & Business Development, help to establish incubation centres at all universities, improve national economy and the living standards of the citizens, alleviate poverty, accelerate human resource development and ensure social and political stability.

1. Introduction

The development of the world today does not rely on its natural resources and prosperity, but on the quality of its human resources. In Myanmar, the Ministry of Education is the centre that develops human resources. The tasks of Ministry of Education are carried out through the basic education sub-sector and the higher education sub-sector. The Ministry of Education is completely responsible for the basic education sub-sector. All 13 ministries, including the Ministry of Education, take the responsibility of the higher education. The Ministry of Science and Technology deals with the vocational education at the tertiary level. The Ministry of Education is implementing its tasks, in accordance with the existing education laws. This paper deals with the organization structure of Myanmar education, the short-term and long-term education development plans, evaluation of the present status of higher education and future plans.